Every week in preparation for seminar, the class collaborated to put together a wiki page that summarizes key themes from the week's readings, poses discussion questions, and pulls together primary sources for collective consideration. After the seminar, the wiki page was updated with a rapporteur report of the takeaways from the discussion. Together, these wikis provide a distillation and documentation of the work of the class week by week.


Week 2: Relational Formations of Race—Theory and Method
Week 3: Historical Formations
Week 4: Visual and Sonic Culture
Week 5: Afro-Asian Cultural Imaginaries
Week 6: Literary Formations
Week 7: Colonial Intimacies in the Caribbean
Week 8: Anti-Racism and Black Internationalism
Week 9: Relational Political Formations
Week 10: Music, Collaboration and Accompaniment
Week 11: Transnational Formations of Culture and History
Week 12: Relational Frameworks in Contemporary Policy